Reading List for Life

A tool for customized reading lists and continued learning in public libraries

The open source app lets users compile personalized reading lists based on recommendations from the Open Syllabus Project — an extensive database of the most taught texts in different fields used in colleges around the world today.

This fall we are hosting our first ideathon at The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) to gather librarian input for building the Reading List for Life. Are you interested in having your public library host one of our ideathons next year? Please let us know.

Development and design for this new learning tool is occurring in Cambridge, Massachusetts with partners from the Open Syllabus Project (Columbia University), Project Information Literacy, and the metaLAB (at) Harvard.

Project   contributors:

Alison Head, Project Information Literacy
Jessica Yurkofsky, metaLAB (at) Harvard
Alaina Bull, Project Information Literacy
Joe Karaganis, Open Syllabus Project, Columbia University
Jeffrey Schnapp, metaLAB (at) Harvard
David McClure, Open Syllabus Project, MIT

Generously funded by The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, The Hewlett Foundation, and The Templeton Foundation